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Promotional SMS Service had been most popular and cost effective digital marketing service. Every business no matter its a Start-Up or reputed Brand used Promotional SMS Service to create product and brand awareness.

Promotional SMS Pricing is based on sms credits single order. When you plan to shortlist Promotional SMS Vendor then their are few key things that you need to keep in focus. Yes. SMS Pricing is definately a deciding factor however, don't get misleaded by companies that intend to sell sms at very low rate. As a customer you need to understand that all promotional sms need to be approved by DLT before they are allowed to be broadcasted via SMS Portal or via SMS API. But incase its not possible to fulfill DLT requirements then you might need to use SIM Based Promotional SMS Service . You can even send promotional sms using API and that means you can now integrate our sms service in your CRM or ERP system and send personalized Promotional SMS directly from your portal to your targeted customers.

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SMS Service Features

Promotional SMS services are used by businesses to send marketing and advertising messages to customers. These types of SMS messages are typically used to promote products, services, sales, or events.

For what all reasons Promotional SMS are sent ?

There are many valid reasons when you would feel sms is the best and fastest way to reach your target audiance.

  • Increase your Brand Awareness
  • Invitation for upcoming webinar or store opening
  • Sending Festival Wishes Greeting Messages
  • Send Election Or Political Camapaigns
  • Invite to Join Group or Sign-Up
  • Share Weblink of Vlog
  • Product Launch Offer
  • Send Gift Vouchers
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Promotional SMS can be sent to a specific group of customers or to a larger audience, such as all customers subscribed to a specific list. These messages can be sent at a specific time and can be scheduled in advance. It's important to note that promotional SMS messages should only be sent to customers who have opted-in to receive them. Businesses should also comply with legal requirements, such as sending time and providing an opt-out option. Overall, promotional SMS services can be an effective way for businesses to reach customers and promote products or services, with the right targeting and a good message it can increase customer engagement and sales.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Promotional SMS in simple words means when sms are sent to known or unknown mobile users in bulk for promotion of product or service. As per TRAI Guidelines pure Promotional SMS are send via 6-Digit Numaric code and are delivered to NoN-DND Numbers only.

If your SMS Template is approved under type Explicit SMS then you can send sms to DND Numbers as well. However it will be only sent on those DND numbers that are partial DND type. Full DND will still not receive your promotional SMS.

Yes, its technically possible but then you sms template should get approved in Explicit SMS Type only.

Promotional SMS are allowed to be broadcasted between 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM only. All 7 days a week.