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Almost everyone use WhatsApp these days. And its obvious that where their are customers businesses will prefer to reach customers their. Hence with each passing day we see more and more business availing WhatsApp Marketing Service to create brand awareness. WhatsApp Marketing Service has highest ROI over all other modes of lead generation services like SMS, Email, Cold Calling & Print Ads. In past 6 months whatsapp has launched many new advance features. And with those advancements now in WhatsApp Marketing Services you get advance options like Call Back Button and Menu List within whatsapp marketing messages too. And in past few months their had been huge demand of these advance options to improve customer response rate and customer engagement over other modes of bulk messaging.

WhatsApp Marketing Service is now formally promoted by WhatsApp as part of its commercial business model. Both small business and big enterprises has started using whatsapp marketing services for lead generation and brand awareness activities. WhatsApp Marketing Service is meant to send bulk messages in - Text, Images, Video, Audio or Document files very easily to very large number of whatsapp number in a single day.

WhatsApp Marketing Service

How to choose WhatsApp Marketing Company ?

As a WhatsApp Marketing Company in India, we provide services to businesses to promote and connect to prospect leads, more digitaly in cost effective way. And running whatsapp campaign is first step towards this. To do whatsapp marketing we assist business in creating an Account for a WhatsApp Business Service. In this article, we'll go over in detail the features of WhatsApp marketing as well as how its functions and what benefits it offers. A reputed WhatsApp Marketing Company like ours has a inhouse dedicated team that guides you and train you on how to use our Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing Service. There are a few WhatsApp Marketing Companies that also offer WhatsApp Marketing Software. It is essential that as a the customer you select Best WhatsApp Marketing Company so that once you purchase a services you will receive high-quality after-sales service. In many instances, we have customers who had bought services by focusing on just one aspect of cost per WhatsApp message or credit cost. Then they purchase cheap whatsapp marketing services. They then complain that their company has whatsapp message delivery issues and have no after-sales service. Therefore, we always advise our customers to test our free trial account. Engage in a detailed discussion with our support and sales team to assess our pricing and the quality of support.

What is Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing Service ?

We specialize in offering Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing as its very fast, efficient and easy to use. A Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing Service basically means when you run service via online panel to send bulk whatsapp messages without installing any software or use of channels. When sending bulk whatsapp campaign their are scenario where in you need to send unique or dynamic whatsapp messages and in that case Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing is more useful. Whereas desktop based whatsapp marketing software has basic limitation that once your whatsapp number is blocked or banned by whatsapp. You will not be able to send any more messages. If you intent to send automated whatsapp messages then you need API for WhatsApp Marketing. And this API for whatsapp marketing is not available in any desktop based whatsapp sender software.

Compare - Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing vs WhatsApp Marketing Software

  • A Cloud based WhatsApp Marketing is a credit based whatsapp marketing service whereas a WhatsApp Marketing Software is license based solution.
  • Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing doenot require installation and so their is no software update issues. WhatsApp Marketing Software demand installation and incase WhatsApp releases update then this software also needs to be updated to support new version of whatsapp.
  • Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing Service, has no per day sending limit as its highly scalable as per client campaign sending requirment. Desktop based WhatsApp Marketing Software has direct channel based limitation.
  • No manual monitoring is required in Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing as system is fully automated and post campaign uploaded all messages are broadcasted automatically via server. WhatsApp Marketing Software only runs when laptop is ON and is connected via Internet. If laptop goes in sleep mode or internet is lost this application stops working.
  • No Channel dependency is their on end customer where as in WhatsApp Marketing Software customer has to scan QR Code and use his/her own whatsapp number to broadcast.
  • When campaign done via WhatsApp Marketing Software, whatsapp channel has high probability to get blocked or Banned by WhatsApp as sending static content to unknown numbers at very high speed leads to blocking or ban of whatsapp numbers.
  • WhatsApp Marketing Software claim to provide Unlimited WhatsApp Sending capacity but in reality its not possible as 100% your single whatsapp number will get blocked by whatsapp after sending few hundred messages.
  • WhatsApp keep updating its software and manytimes WhatsApp Marketing Software fail to work after whatsapp updates its app. This is not the case with Cloud Based WhatsApp Marketing Service.
  • New features like Call Back Button or Menu List options are not available or don't work properly in WhatsApp Marketing Software

Get Call Button In WhatsApp Marketing Service

Many of the business or customers demand Call Button option while sending WhatsApp Messages. A Call Button option in whatsapp marketing can be used in many ways. Most common usage is to have Call Button in WhatsApp Marketing message. Using this button option if anyone click on this button in your whatsapp message instantly the dialpad is opened in phone and your call back number is visible to the whatsapp recipient. This was not possible earlier as untill person doesnot reply back or save your contact he/she cannot click on your number in your message. Similarly you can have I AM INTERESTED Button in WhatsApp or UNSUBSCRIBE Button in your message to improve customer response.

API for WhatsApp Marketing Service !

What is API ? And how API in WhatsApp Marketing Service can help me do whatsapp campaign more effectively ?

These are few of the most common questions that customers has when they research on API for WhatsApp Marketing Service. API are basically programing codes that are provided by a company to integrate with any 3rd party application or system to send automated personalized messages. And manytimes while doing marketing campaign, its need of marketing statergy that you send personalized messages to your customers on whatsapp. Then you definately need API for WhatsApp Marketing. And yes we do provide WhatsApp API Marketing solutions. Using our API for WhatsApp Marketing you can very quickly and easily integrate your system with our API and start sending WhatsApp Promotional Messages via API. Its quick, fast and easy to use and gives high ROI.

Steps to use WhatsApp Marketing Service

WhatsApp Marketing Service can be done through various ways such as creating a WhatsApp business account, using WhatsApp API, or using third-party WhatsApp marketing tools.

WhatsApp Business Account

A WhatsApp Business Account is a dedicated account designed for businesses to communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. It allows businesses to create a professional profile with their business name, logo, and contact information. It also provides features such as quick replies, automated messages, and labels to manage customer inquiries.

To create a WhatsApp Business Account, businesses need to download the WhatsApp Business app from the app store and register using their business phone number. Once registered, they can set up their profile, add a profile picture, and customize their settings. Businesses can use WhatsApp Business Account to send messages to customers and prospects, share product updates, send promotions, and respond to customer inquiries.

WhatsApp API

WhatsApp API can be described as a programmatic interface that allows companies the ability to connect WhatsApp in their current systems and automate their communication process. It lets businesses send messages to prospects and customers through their CRM or customer service systems.

To utilize the WhatsApp API, businesses need to request access through WhatsApp and then get their approval from WhatsApp. They must also collaborate with an WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, who can provide them with the tools and assistance needed to make use of WhatsApp API.

WhatsApp API is suitable for companies that have a huge customer base and want to deliver personalized messages on a large scale. It can also be useful for companies that need automation, like sending out automated messages to confirm order confirmations or delivery updates.

Third-party WhatsApp Marketing Tools

Third-party WhatsApp marketing tools are software or applications that allow businesses to automate their WhatsApp marketing campaigns. They provide features such as bulk messaging, chatbots, and analytics to track and measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

There are several third-party WhatsApp marketing tools available in the market, such as WhatsApp Marketing Pro, WappBlaster, and WhatsApp Bulk Sender. However, businesses need to be cautious while choosing a third-party tool and ensure that it complies with WhatsApp's policies and guidelines.

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Who needs Bulk WhatsApp Marketing ?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is a type of WhatsApp Marketing Service that enables businesses to send a large number of messages to their customers and prospects on the WhatsApp platform. This service is often used for promotional and marketing purposes, as well as for customer service and support. With Bulk WhatsApp Marketing, businesses can reach a large audience in a short amount of time, making it a popular marketing strategy for businesses of all sizes. However, it's important to note that Bulk WhatsApp Marketing has its own set of rules and regulations that businesses need to follow to avoid spamming and ensure that their messages are delivered successfully.

To use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing effectively, businesses need to follow certain best practices. These include:

  1. Obtain Customer Consent: Before sending messages to customers and prospects, businesses need to obtain their consent. This can be done by asking customers to opt-in to receive messages or by providing an opt-out option.

  2. Send Personalize Messages: Personalization is key to successful Bulk WhatsApp Marketing. Businesses need to ensure that their messages are personalized and relevant to their customers' interests and preferences.

  3. Use a conversational tone: WhatsApp Marketing Service is an informal and personal communication channel. Businesses should use a conversational tone and avoid using marketing jargon or formal language.

  4. Timing and Frequency: Businesses need to be strategic about the timing and frequency of their messages. They should avoid sending too many messages and ensure that their messages are sent at appropriate times.

  5. Keep messages short and simple: WhatsApp messages have a character limit of 4096 characters. Businesses should keep their messages short and simple to ensure that their customers read and respond to them.

In summary, Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is a cost-effective, personalized, and engaging way for businesses to reach out to customers and prospects. It offers quick and easy communication, automation, high open and response rates, access to a large audience, and measurable results.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing


Benefits of WhatsApp Marketing Service

WhatsApp Marketing Service works by allowing businesses to send messages to their customers and prospects on the WhatsApp platform. These messages can be promotional, informational, or transactional, depending on the purpose of the communication.

Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Service in various ways, such as:

  1. Customer Service: Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Service to provide customer service and support. Customers can message businesses on WhatsApp for assistance with their products or services, and businesses can respond quickly to address their concerns.

  2. Promotions and Offers: Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Service to share promotions, offers, and discounts with their customers. This can be an effective way to drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

  3. News and Updates: Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Service to share news and updates with their customers. This can include updates on new products, services, or features, as well as industry news and trends.

  4. Feedback and Surveys: Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Service to gather feedback and conduct surveys from their customers. This can help businesses to improve their products and services and better meet their customers' needs.

  5. Sales and Marketing: Businesses can use WhatsApp Marketing Service to drive sales and marketing campaigns. This can include sending targeted messages to specific groups of customers, sharing product information and features, and providing personalized recommendations.

Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel

A Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel is a platform that enables businesses to resell WhatsApp Marketing Services to their clients. This means that a business can purchase a bulk messaging package from a WhatsApp Marketing Service provider and then resell it to their own clients at a markup.

The Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel provides businesses with a white-label platform that they can use to manage their clients and their messaging campaigns. The platform is branded with the reseller's logo and colors, and it enables them to set their own pricing and manage their own billing.

How does a Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel work ?

A Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel works by providing businesses with a platform that they can use to manage their clients and their messaging campaigns. The platform is usually web-based and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.

Here are the steps involved in using a Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel:

  1. Signup: The reseller signs up for the Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel and provides their branding information, such as logo and color scheme.

  2. Purchase a package: The reseller purchases a bulk messaging package from the WhatsApp Marketing Service provider at a discounted rate.

  3. Add clients: The reseller adds their own clients to the Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel and assigns them a messaging package.

  4. Manage clients: The reseller manages their clients' messaging campaigns from the Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel, including sending messages, managing contacts, and scheduling messages.

  5. Billing and payments: The reseller sets their own pricing and bills their clients for the messaging services. The reseller then pays the WhatsApp Marketing Service provider for the bulk messaging package they purchased.

White Label WhatsApp Marketing Service

A White Label WhatsApp Marketing Service offers several benefits to businesses, including:

  1. Additional revenue stream: Reselling WhatsApp Marketing Services can provide an additional revenue stream for businesses.

  2. Branding: The Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel is branded with the reseller's logo and colors, providing a consistent brand experience for their clients.

  3. Custom pricing: Resellers can set their own pricing for the messaging services, allowing them to make a profit on the packages they sell.

  4. Management: The Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel provides a centralized platform for managing clients and messaging campaigns.

  5. Scalability: Reselling WhatsApp Marketing Services can be scaled up or down as the reseller's business grows or changes.

  6. Customer retention: Offering WhatsApp Marketing Services can help businesses retain their clients by providing additional value-added services.

  7. Support: Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panels usually come with support and training from the WhatsApp Marketing Service provider, ensuring that resellers have the knowledge and tools to manage their clients and messaging campaigns effectively.


A Reseller WhatsApp Marketing Panel is an effective way for businesses to resell WhatsApp Marketing Services to their clients. It provides businesses with a white-label platform that they can use to manage their clients and messaging campaigns, and allows them to set their own pricing and billing. Reselling WhatsApp Marketing Services can provide an additional revenue stream for businesses and help them retain their clients by providing additional value-added services.

All About our WhatsApp Panel Features

Frequently Asked Questions

WhatsApp Marketing Service is a pre-paid service. You need to buy credits and you will get whatsapp panel. Using that you can easily broadcast messages in bulk on whatsapp numbers.

The main benefit is that it allows companies or individuals to broadcast large volumn of whatsapp messages in a single click. Its easy to use and give highest ROI compare to all other marketing solutions.

The cost is calculated per outgoing whatsapp message. Based upon volumn of whatsapp credits you buy costing of whatsapp package will be applicable. Contact our Sales team at +918657215533.

You need to ensure that your whatsapp campaign should not contain any hate speech / illegal product or service promotion / messages should not contain offensive content and shouldnot mislead users about product or service you are promoting via whatsapp. In any such case campaign will be discarded and account will be suspended.

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