6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Helps To Grow Business


6 Reasons Why SMS Marketing Helps To Grow Business

There are many ways businesses can communicate with their customers.

But SMS Marketing is most cost effective promotional marketing campaign for small to large businesses. It is the easiest way for business communication. SMS is easily accessible, short, and directly reaches the customers’ inboxes.

Here are 6 reasons why SMS Marketing helps to grow business

1. Promotion Activity

SMS is short, character limited message so businesses can directly come to the point of why they are reaching you? SMS marketing is helpful to do promotions in a short period. Since more than 85% of people read the message within 3 minutes, SMS is great for time-sensitive messages.

Whether businesses promote new store opening, new products or services, or new arrivals SMS marketing can convince customers to buy faster.

2. Reach a Large Audience

 There are approximately 5 billion unique users worldwide. That means businesses can target a pretty large audience according to their niche.

One of the best advantages of SMS marketing is that it doesn’t require an internet connection to reach customer inbox, a good mobile network is sufficient to reach.

3. Higher Open Rate

As compared to the email opening rate, the SMS opening rate is 98% higher. Also, people check their phones on regular basis for any new information. 

4. Increase Customer Engagement

People tend to read fewer emails as it is flooded with lots of spam mails. But people probably can’t wait to read SMS when it is delivered into the inbox. People read the message within 3 minutes of receipt.

So there are high chances when businesses send promotional messages, customers can involve in it more.

SMS is helpful to keep updating customers with new information about the company, product, or services without disturbing their chatting platforms.

5. Easy to Track

Marketing is all about Return-On-Investment. If a campaign is difficult to track and analyze, it will not help the company. Thankfully SMS marketing campaigns are easy to track, provide useful insights to marketers to utilize them effectively.

This simplicity allows businesses to track their campaign performance also will help to create a better campaign for the future.

6. Pocket Friendly

SMS marketing is a cheap marketing tool. A small business can invest in to do their promotional activity.

A bulk package allows sending thousands of messages every month at relatively low cost and flat rates.

In the end, SMS marketing has potential to bring more sales if it is used with right tactics.

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