To Protect yourself from Covid-19 Virus use Safe Distance App download safe distance app

Safe Distance App prevents you from becoming victim of Corona Virus by proactively alerting you if anyone comes too close to you. We all know till date there is no official cure against Covid-19 Virus, hence only way to stay safe is to strongly follow social distancing guidelines and thereby preventing yourself and others from getting infected from Covid-19 Virus.

At WebXion we have built "Safe Distance" App as part of our commitment towards Community Service / Social Responsibility. This app works on Bluetooth Technology which is available in all smart phones. Click Here to download Safe Distance App from Google Playstore absolutely Free ( No Advts ).

To use this App simply download from Google Playstore and Register using your mobile number. And always keep mobile Bluetooth On as this app uses Bluetooth technology to scan nearby devices. As both Arogya Setu App & Safe Distance App works on same technology, hence if anyone had already installed Arogya Setu App it will be great. As our app will provide additional feature of giving you audio and visual alert if anyone come too close to you.

However kindly note we don't have access to Arogya Setu App data, our Safe Distance App is completely independent app.

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When and Where to Use Safe Distance App

This mobile app should be used everytime you are stepping out of your home. We all know only way to stop spreading of coronavirus is to strictly follow social distancing guidelines, hence you must always use this app when you are in public place or at work place.

How it Works ?

  • This App works on Bluetooth Technology hence if anyone has already installed Arogya Setu App or bluetooth is already active in his/her mobile. Then this app will automatically start tracking distance between you and other person.
  • App automatically scan nearby bluetooth devices every few seconds.
  • Incase any person comes in range of 1 meter or less. You will hear buzz sound and also get red warning alert in your app screen highlight other person is Too Close and not following Social Distancing Practice.
  • This app doesn't consume extra battery power hence you can keep it active all time.

How this App is different from Arogya Setu App ?

  • This app has added advantage over Arogya Setu App that even if other person has not installed this app but has Bluetooth Enabled it still works perfectly fine.
  • We are not capturing any personal information or need special permission to use this app
  • Easy to use and userfriendly App

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