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Bulk SMS Service had been in use for past 20 years now. SMS Marketing had been most cost effective and efficient way to reach mass audience. And incase you want to send notifications, OTP or alerts. Transactional SMS Service is best and cost effective solution. If you are using API then sending unique message to each number is very easy. However if you are using promotional sms service then send unique message is not possible from web-portal.

At WebXion we have built innovative solution in Bulk SMS Service that ensure you get 100% sms delivery in very short time and on top of that you also get SMS Open Rate Captured realtime in our online portal. That means now you get exact mobile number of person who opened your sms, rather than just sms link click count you get via bitly which is practically useless. So, now if you are running a sms campaign using our portal, you will get exact date and time when person open your sms message. And also if he/she is interested in service or product you intend to promote using SMS message.

This unique feature is not offered by other Bulk SMS Companies. As this is complete inhouse invention of WebXion. If you are a marketing agency and running lead generation campaign for your clients. This solution will 100% fulfill your expectation and also its way too fast and cheaper compare to other modes of lead verification and lead generation technique.

There are basically 3 types of SMS services available :

  1. Transactional SMS Service – Used for OTP, Alerts, Reminders, Notification & Personalized Messages. This service is only used by business to send mass personalized message to subscribed users only. This type of messages are delivered 24x7 on both DND and NON-DND Numbers. And to make process automated at user-end as well. API integration codes are available that customer can use to easily integrate there existing system directly with our SMS Gateway.

  2. Promotional / Marketing SMS Service – This service is majorly used by marketing companies or agency to do mass promotion or marketing via SMS. These messages are delivered to only NON-DND numbers as per TRAI guidelines. These messages are broadcasted during day-time only. However 99% cases the SMS Service provider companies don’t have capability to confirm if every sms is delivered or who had seen or read SMS.

  3. URL Tracking Based Promotional SMS Service – At WebXion we strongly believe in doing new Innovation and offer more customer friendly solutions. Our URL Tracking based Bulk SMS Service ensure anyone who reads your sms you get to know its identity. Similar to what you have in Bulk Email Service . We offer SMS OPEN RATE, this is highly beneficial for customers. Using our uniquie URL Tracking Based SMS Service they can now know exact open rate of sms and reconnect the interested leads too.

Do you want SMS Read Report in Promotional SMS Campaign ?

Yes, its possible to know, who all are interested in your product or services without end person contacting you upfront. You will also get real-tive live report of Mobile Number of person interested in your sms message.

Sending SMS and waiting for sms reader to respond by giving call back on your mobile number given in sms or using www.bitly.com link to get link hits count is out-dated and old technique of getting leads.

We are Bulk SMS Service Provider in India offering SMS service at most affordable rates since 2009. And as leader in providing Bulk SMS Transactional, Promotional and Marketing SMS services in India we ensure you get upto 100% assured delivery of messages.

We broadcast approx 25 Million SMS Messages per month across India. With average broadcasting capacity of 1 Million SMS Messages per Day. And to maintain ourselves as best Bulk SMS Company or SMS Gateway Provider in India we have built redundant network with all major Indian Telecom Operators. We provide userfriendly web-based panel for end-users to manage and run Promotional SMS and Transactional SMS with assured delivery.

Bulk SMS Service India :

As a Bulk SMS Service Provider in India, we have been delivering innovative mobile messaging services across India. And specialize in Bulk messaging services and SMS Gateway connectivity services in India. Our Bulk SMS package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. You cannot find all such features together at an affordable price anywhere else.

Our Bulk SMS Service is fully compliant with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) norms. All Marketing and Transactional SMS are broadcasted via our Web-Based Portal Application and API Interation is available for Transactional SMS Gateway. For all Marketing SMS we have inbuilt DND number check feature activated prior to broadcasting of any marketing sms. And detailed Delivery Logs are stored in our system to fulfill 3rd party audit requirments. All Marketing SMS are delivered between 9:00 AM to 7:50 PM only as per approved TRAI norms.

Why use Bulk SMS Service for Promotional and Marketing activity ?

In India almost every person is having mobile phone. And with growing competition it has become vital for any business either Startup or leading brand, to be connected with prospect clients effectively and within short time span. Against typical printing advts. a typical SMS campaign to same volume of recipient cost 1/10th and ROI is much higher also you monitor performance of your campaign based on callback or weblink hits that you receive.

We offer Bulk SMS Plan starting 10K credits upto 500K credits !

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Transactional SMS Service India :

We are an innovative Bulk SMS service provider company focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution to our valuable clients. And we provide Transacational SMS with API codes at no extra cost. Transactional SMS are delivered to both DND and Non-DND numbers with your SENDER ID (Eg : HDFCBK, ICICIBK, JUSTDL, WEBXIO) as per TRAI regulations with 100% ensured delivery anytime 24 x 7.

Below are few key features of Transactional SMS Service India :

  • Send SMS with Custom Sender ID
  • Create Groups and send campaign directly via just selecting group name
  • Send Personalized or Dynamic SMS content to each mobile number
  • Easy to use Web-Based Portal (no software installation or license fees)
  • API Code available for instant integration with any software or application
  • Get quick reports for all SMS Campaigns broadcasted
  • SMS are broadcasted via High Speed Premium Instant Delivery Route
  • Easy to Use and get 100% verified delivery report online.


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Whitelabel Reseller SMS Package Available

We offer fully Whitelabel Reseller Plan for Promotional , Marketing & Transactional SMS Service at most economical rates. All messages are broadcasted via High Speed Dedicated Messaging Route via leading Telecom Operator networks only. We have dedicated Technical Support team to manage and provide detailed product training to Resellers. And as a reseller you get special price for recurring large volume orders. We had been offering Reseller SMS Service for past 9 years and had built strong reputation in SMS industry. It is very important that as a reseller if you intend to buy service you avail service from company that has good reputation in industry and strong IT infrastructure to ensure you get best delivery rate and highest level of customer satisfaction from your end clients. And to acheive this at WebXion we are commited to provide quality service at economical cost.

To know more about our Reseller SMS Program : Click Here

Transactional SMS Service

  • 100% Delivery on DND & NON-DND Numbers : 24x7x365
  • Send SMS Msg to DND & NoN DND numbers in English / Regional Language
  • Sender ID Available - YES
  • All SMS are broadcasted from Priority Routes instantly
  • Instant Service Activation and Renewal
  • API Codes for available for Integration + Detailed Delivery Report

Key Features of Bulk SMS Service

User Friendly WebPortal

Access Online , Anywhere Anytime and Run campaigns in 3 easy steps

Credit Based Plan

No need to worry about sender number or channels. Just upload file and campaigns run automatically

Multi Language Support

Run your campaign in your prefered language

Fully Automated & Easy to Use

SMS campaign are broadcasted via automated system and our portal is very easy to use

Flexible Time Validity

No need to worry about account validity of plan. We provide Flexible Time Validity Plans

High Speed Instant Delivery

You can now broadcast SMS Messages using our portal easily and via Multi Telcom Operator route

Get Campaign Report

View all Campaign Report online from portal

100% Secured & Trusted Solution

Your data is secured & encrypted you can be 100% assured about quality of service and support by WebXion Team

and more...

We offer multiple plans to meet all types of client requirment. For SME sector we have Cloud Based Portal that is cost effective solution and runs on shared envirnment and run multiple user accounts in parallel.

Enterprise Dedicated Panel is available for highspeed large volume campaign broadcasting.

Feel free to contact us via Email, Phone or Chat. All pricing details would be shared via Email only as per company policy.

All our services are Pre-Paid Plans. We have following payment options available :
  • Direct Net Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer via SWIFT Code
Your account would be live within 30 mins of payment confirmation during Business Hours.

Be Smart go for Combo Plan

We all know running promotional campaigns using only single type of lead generation service is like depending on only single player to win Football Match.

We are not just a solution provider company we offer end-to-end lead generation and management services. And hence we always recommend client to go for multiple services when planning a campaign. This will ensure you would be able to target prospect leads at different time in a day via different platform. This is both cost effective and generate more quality leads in short time duration.

Recommended Service to be run along with SMS Camapaign : WhatsApp Marketing Service, Google Top Page Ranking (SEO), Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Bulk Voice Calling, Email Marketing & Missed Call Service.

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Client Testimonials

We had been looking for long-terms SMS Based solution that could help us target prospect leads at affordable cost and built our brand value.

Thank you WebXion for meeting our expection.

We had tried many different SMS Vendors solutions in past, however results we got from WebXion SMS Broadcasting Panel had been highly satisfactory.

Keep up good work guys - WebXion Team

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