Social Distancing: Order Online, Online Payment, Online Delivery

social distancing

Social Distancing: Order Online, Online Payment, Online Delivery

As the risk of corona virus infection mounts across the world, everyone wants to maintain social distancing.

We do not want to get close to person outside our family. Everyone wants to keep themselves at a safe distance from other person and prevent any form of touch.

But we cannot survive without essential commodities too, hence zero contact is impossible.

The best approach to minimize the contact is to order online, pay online and get the delivery done outside home or at society gate. Sanitize the box and then move it to isolated location in the house and keep it there for 3 days. Open after 3 days and that too safely, sanitizing the stuff as needed.

So today, everyone is prepared to accept your brand app and use your brand app to order stuff.

It is the right time to launch your own brand App, as people have high acceptance level.

Not only retailers but wholesalers and dealers too have an opportunity to launch their own brand app as there is high degree of acceptance in society and readiness to switch to App.

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