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We are Bulk SMS Services Provider offering School SMS Service and Bulk SMS Services for College at most affordable rates across India. With our Bulk SMS Service for Schools and Bulk SMS Service for College now we ensure you get upto 100% assured delivery of messages. And as leader in providing high speed instant delivery sms services for schools, we are committed to provide low cost value for money services for promotion of your school via SMS.

The school often need to alert the parents about students performance, events organized, free payment due date, new admission registration forms available and many more. Also unsafe situation for the children could easily have been avoided had the school implemented an SMS notification system. This is an excellent example of where SMS comes to the fore: it allows the sender to quickly reach a large number of people wherever they are, quickly and cost-effectively. In addition, SMSs are typically read as soon as they are received, ensuring the message gets across timeously.

Around the world schools regularly use SMS to alert parents about event days, preventing them from taking dangerous journeys to drop their children off at school, only to find it is closed. It’s not only bulk communications where SMS is useful for schools. Teachers can alert parents very quickly if their child hasn’t arrived at school, either because they are absent, or because they have had an accident, fallen ill, or any number of other things that may have happened to them on their way to school.

Another way schools are using SMS is to ensure important messages, such as meeting notifications or concerns over their child’s behaviour, are sent directly to the parent and don’t risk being intercepted or lost by the child. Schools are given the ability to send SMSs to a group of people at once via WebXion Bulk SMS Service. This makes sending SMSs as easy as sending emails – using a computer, non-technical admin staff or teachers can access address books, set up lists to target specific parents, and send either a single SMS to one parent or a group SMS to the entire school community.

Before choosing a bulk SMS provider, schools should estimate the number of SMSs they will send in the year, based on the number of children at the school, activities planned. They should look at which current communications can be replaced by SMS, and which can be supported by it: for instance the school might email out a calendar of events for the term in advance, but any changes to this can be SMSed at the last minute.

Planned correctly, SMS communications will also save schools on printing, copying and telephone costs, as well as the human costs related to contacting parents in such a labour-intensive way.

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We broadcast approx 25 Million Messages per month. With average broadcasting capacity of 3 Million Messages per Day. And to maintain ourselves as best Bulk SMS Service Provider Company in India and to ensure maximum successful sms delivery within minimum timeframe. We have redundant network of all major Indian Telecom Operators and hence we ensure best telco connectivity across all cities in India.

Our Bulk SMS Service is fully compliant with Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) norms.


Use our School Bulk SMS Service for Attendance, Marks, Event Alerts and many more:

We are an innovative Bulk SMS services provider company focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution to our valuable clients. And we provide Transactional SMS with API codes at no extra cost. That means now in your existing school management application also you can easily integrate our SMS Service without any technical issue.

Below are few key features of School Bulk SMS Panel: (Free Live Demo for SMS Service Available)

  • Send SMS with School Name as Sender ID
  • API Code available for instant integration with any existing school management software or application
  • Create Class Groups and send Updates/Notice/Homework Alerts directly via just selecting group name
  • Get quick reports for all SMS Campaigns broadcasted
  • Send Personalized or Dynamic SMS content to each mobile number
  • SMS Campaigns are broadcasted via High Speed Premium Instant Delivery Route
  • Easy to use Web-Based Portal (no software installation or license fees)
  • Link our SMS service with your existing attendance system and send Absent or Late Attendance alerts to parents automatically
  • All School-In and School-Out SMS notifications to parents are delivered within 5 mins for as high as 25,000 stundents in a school. With 100% accurate and high speed instant delivery !!


Parental Notification using SMS Alert for Schools and Colleges :

Make communicating with parents quick, easy and hassle free while saving yourself hours of time spend in doing manual calling. Parent alert offers extensive SMS, IVRS and Auto Dialer service to schools and colleges. Using our unique SMS software, it is possible for the schools and colleges to communicate parents of students. The school and college can communicate Exam / Test results, Homeworks, Attendance of the students, Holiday announcements, Meetings and important dates, Timetable, Fee details...


Initiating Attendance of the students
Initiating Homeworks for lower grades
Exam / Test results / Fee details
School circulars / Special announcements
More communication between teachers & parents
Reaching each parents with private & confidence
School closures intimation due to unexpected events
Remind parents of upcoming events
Information regarding PTM (Parents Teacher Meetings)
Wards daily attendance / monthly attendance intimations
School Transport intimation to Transport availing kids
Festivals and Birthday Wishes in bulk or individual
To Send Monthly/Yearly test/Exam results
To send quick messages for fee related notification
To remind parents about upcoming meetings School circulars / Special announcements
No Technical Skills Required
Excel File Upload
Get Delivery Reports of all SMS Campaigns
Manage all your contacts in specific groups online
Schedule your SMS Campaigns at future date & time

Transactional SMS are delivered to both DND and Non-DND numbers with your SENDER ID (Eg : PODARS, DYPATL , RYANSC , WEBXIO) as per TRAI regulations with 100% ensured delivery anytime 24 x 7.

Being a lowest cost Bulk SMS Service Provider we offer PROMOTIONAL, MARKETING & TRANSACTIONAL BULK SMS SERVICE at unbeatable low rates.

Key Features of Marketing Bulk SMS Service


English, Hindi & Regional SMS font supported


Unique Sender ID Available in Marketing SMS too NOW !!


SMS are broadcasted from multi-operator routes


Instant Service Activation and Renewal


Sender ID Available


Unicode SMS Supported


Detailed SMS Delivery Report


Support Broadcasting of 10 Lac SMS per Day!

Key Features of Transactional Bulk SMS Service


100% Delivery on DND & NON-DND Numbers


English, Hindi & Regional SMS font supported


Sender ID Available


All SMS are broadcasted from Priority Routes only


Dynamic SMS supported


Unicode SMS Supported


API Codes for developers available


Open Template Transactional SMS Service 5 out of 5 based on 346 ratings. 346 user reviews.

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Bulk SMS Service is widely used in following ways :

School Promotion via SMS
College Promotion via SMS
SMS Service for Schools
Admission Followup SMS Service
New Batch Admission SMS Promotion
Parents Notification Service
School Events Notification Service
Results Notification with SMS
SMS Services for Colleges
Fees Reminder SMS
Admission Form SMS Notification
New Semister Reminder SMS

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Bulk SMS for Schools

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