Article #1 : How to Identify Fake Website / Fraud Online Companies !

In this fast growing online web-world many fake websites / fraud online compaines have come-up offering services at exceptionally low cost. However, now you can safe-guard your money, from falling into trap of such Fraud Online Companies. Just ensure to check website against below given points, before buying service from online website !

Remember a person with bad intensions will intentionally try to manipulate details on website to protect himself from disclosing his/her full identity on INTERNET !

CONTACT PAGE - Missing Information
  • Most of these Fake Websites only post Mobile Number or Email ID and Contact Us Form without any COMPANY ADDRESS.

  • It's obvious that they don't want to display their exact location, as they actually don't exist and we all know mobile number can easily be changed or switched-off and then you have no way to find the person running the Fake Online Website Business.
For Business Communication use FREE EMAIL ACCOUNT without formal Email Signature
  • If a person running an online business and is NOT having an official email account with its website domain name then is obvious he is NOT serious about his online business and its not about saving few bucks on buying Business Email Service, but its conscious intension to use FREE Email ID to hide his/her real identity

  • Mostly such website have FREE Email Accounts : / email account listed !

  • Be careful any business communication or service commitment given via Free Email ID has no business value as its a Free Email Account and any kid can create/delete free email account anytime !
ABOUT_US PAGE - Missing Information
  • A Fake websites only has a very generic statement without disclosing any information about Company owner or Company Management Person details or year of establishment of company !

  • It's obvious as they have no formal registration or existence as a company and only own a website, hence have nothing to share about there company, working staff or official address.
Client List Missing or Only TOP Brand listed as clients !
  • It's very logical that any MNC has stringent vendor registration process in-place and for them more than Pricing the service consistency and service quality matters. As there band reputation is at risk if they buy service from a Freelancer. And they will surely not buy service from company that has no details on website as given in POINT-1 and POINT-2

  • If you are not a standard company you will surely not like to disclose your client list or post irrelevant TOP Brand names as clients to give big company impression to misguide web-visitors !

Only Personal Mobile Phone number listed on Website !
  • Any formally registered company has official IVR in-place that welcome or greets customer with multiple departments to guide caller. Its obvious a website built with bad intensions will not invest or has full-time team manage and run business as its all ONE MAN SHOW. And in that case if you buy service just because of lowest pricing then you are not just risking money but your own company brand image.

  • Remember more then initial cost its post purchase quality of service and timely response that matters !
Misleading Details in CONTACT PAGE
  • Many Fake Website tend to display misguiding details on their contact us page

  • Practical Eg : XYZ Infotech Pvt.Ltd
    ...............__ Delhi Road NH 24
    ............._..._Moradabad, India

  • How do you expect to find a company without the actual BUILDING NAME or GOOGLE MAP displaying exact company location. And its obviously NOT a human error / typo error !!
Ask you to do payment in SAVING BANK ACCOUNT
  • Anyone who runs a official registered business will only sell service with SERVICE TAX BILL or give CURRENT Bank Account details, since as per Indian government rule all official transaction are done via Company Name Current Bank Account onlt. If any website or company representative ask you to do payment in SAVING account then he obviously he don't hold business Bank account means he is running illegal business. Be careful by saving few bucks by not paying Service Tax you are taking much higher financial risk !!
Offering Service at Exceptionally LOW Pricing
  • We all know if something is sold at very low cost then its obvious that it would be FRAUD or FAKE SERVICE that will not deliver results as we expected

  • So be careful if you only select vendor based on lowest pricing then you are surely going to buy JUNK service that will NOT deliver expected results ! 5 out of 5 based on 254 ratings. 254 user reviews.

Why we decided to post this information on our website ?

We believe that its our moral duty to inform our web-visitors on how using above 8 Simple Tips you can safe-guard yourself from FAKE and FRAUD online sellers !

Author : Mr. Gurcharan Singh Dhunna
Founder & CEO (WebXion Technologies LLP )

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