Article #2 : How to Identify genuine sales lead against fake lead !

We all come across scenario where in we intend to start devoting too much time and energy in converting a sales lead that actually leads to dead end !

However there are few simple tips that you should always follow while handling New Sales Leads.

During 1st Sales Call do collect official contact details of prospect sales lead
  • A person with serious intension to avail a service will never hesitate / feel discomfort to disclose his/her official identity

  • Key Basic Details you should always collect
    • Full Name
    • Contact Number
    • Company Name
    • Official Email ID
    • Official Company Website URL

  • If any person shows hesitation to disclose these 5 basic details then he/she is surly not a serious buyer !
Ask for desired services he intend to avail
  • It is very important that after you get details given in Point -1 you ask about client business requirement and understand his/her nature of business

  • If prospect lead only want to know COST to buy Service and NOT ready to share his/her business requirement or volume he intend to buy. Then it's obvious he/she is just doing superficial service cost analysis and is not a serious buyer !
Stop responding to your Phone or Email
  • On an average during business hours any person checks his/her mobile every 45 mins and if you had called a person and he/she failed to respond within 4 hours post your missed call be rest assured he/she is consciously avoiding to respond to you !

  • On an average during business hours any person checks his/her email every 15 mins and if you had send email and he/she failed to respond within 6 hours be rest assured he/she is consciously avoiding to respond to you !

Prospect Sales Client is Travelling
  • It's ironical that while people travel they intend to spend most of the time playing games on Phone. Hence if someone doesn't respond to your call with excuse he/she is Travelling it means he/she is using most primitive / old fashion excuse to avoid talking to you !

Want to avail service at exceptionally low pricing
  • It's a very basic technique if you don't intend to buy service. Ask the seller to give it exceptionally low cost. A person with serious interest to buy service will surely compare pricing of multiple vendors but then will buy service based on factors like Service Quality, Features in Product and Pricing !

To Busy To Respond
  • No One is Too Busy in this World. Its all about once Priorities !!

  • If he/she is serious to avail your service they will either respond clearly with there expectation or propose another date/time to discuss on business proposal

  • If after receving pricing prospect suddenly stops responding its clear signal that he is NOT willing to avail your service. 5 out of 5 based on 254 ratings. 254 user reviews.

Why we decided to post this information on our website ?

We believe that irrespective of business any sales personal should know how to identify a geniune lead against fake lead and there buy increase his/her productivity !

Author : Mr. Gurcharan Singh Dhunna
Founder & CEO (WebXion Technologies LLP )

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