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We are Bulk WA Marketing Service Provider based in Pune and leader in providing Bulk WA Messaging / Marketing solutions in India. We provide International WA Marketing and India WA Marketing as a service. As Bulk WA Service Provider we ensure you are connected with your customers whereever they are with just Click of a Button!. To maintain ourselves as best Bulk WA Text, Images, Audio, Videos - Marketing Service Provider Company and to ensure maximum successful messages delivery within minimum timeframe. We have redundant network of servers to ensure instant upto 100% delivery of WA Messages.

We are an innovative bulk messaging service provider company in pune focusing on providing a cost efficient business solution. And we provide Bulk WA Text, Images, Audio, Videos Marketing service at lowest rates.

Through our WA Marketing Service / WA Marketing Software we have been delivering innovative mobile messaging services across World. Our Bulk WA SMS, Images, Audio, Videos package is loaded with all the features which are currently available in the industry. Now you only pay for WA Messages send to only WA enabled Phones and save your money on sending messages on numbers without knowing if number is WA Enabled or NOT ?? - Our WA Filtering / WA Scrubbing Service enable you to seperate live WA numbers from inactive numbers.

We offer Bulk WA Plan starting 10K upto 500K credits !

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Why you should avail WA Marketing Service ?

There are multiple valid reasons why we recommand clients to avail WA Marketing against other traditional mode of marketing solutions. Below are few key points hope you would be able to relate to these more effectively

  • Conveying information via Image or Video is 10 times more effective then just text words.
  • Send WA campaigns ensure you get 10 times more attention of prospect lead compare to other types of lead generation products like TV Ads, Radio Ads, Email Ads, Voice Call Ads, Paper Ads & Holdings.
  • Running WA Campaign very low cost and effective.
  • If number is active on WA you can be sure that he/she would see your campaigns 100%.
  • If an end-user cannot afford a smartphone and is not having WA enabled phone. Definatetly he is not worth to be called as prospect lead.
  • Save money by sending relavent campaign to traget audiance then broadcasting in mass without knowning campaign outcome. Most of the other means of lead generation service are time dependent.
  • In limited time and efforts you could reach mass target audiance easily.
  • Its easy to run campaigns and you get campaign summary report too online.

Below chart is just a estimate number of whatsapp users worldwide. The source of the information is internet. And this information is just a refn and not accurate or verified information.

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Limitation in SMS Marketing Service

  • Cost of sending SMS differ from country to country
  • In SMS service only Promotional Text SMS could be send on NON-DND numbers only.
  • Cost Calcualation : 1 SMS credit =160 Characters (Text Only) in India.
  • No Concept of Filtering Available :
    Untill you waste credits in sending msg you will not know if Number you paid credits is Live or Inactive / inactive number
  • (Same Information when send via WA as Image has much high impact over a plain SMS Text msg)

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Key Features of WA Marketing Service

User Friendly WebPortal

Access Online , Anywhere Anytime and Run campaigns in 3 easy steps

Credit Based Plan

No need to worry about sender number or channels. Just upload file and campaigns run automatically.

Multi Language Support

Run your campaign in your prefered language

Fully Automated & Easy to Use

WA campaign are broadcasted via automated system and our portal is very easy to use.

Life Time Validity

No need to worry about account validity of plan. We give Life Time Validity

Send Multi-Media Content

You can broadcast Text , Image, Video, Audio and PDF File with Caption using our portal easily

Get Campaign Report

View all Campaign Report online from portal

100% Secured & Trusted Solution

Your data is secured & encrypted you can be 100% assured about quality of service and support by WebXion Team.

and more...

We offer multiple plans to meet all types of client requirment. For SME sector we have Cloud Based Portal that is cost effective solution and runs on shared envirnment and run multiple user accounts in parallel.

Enterprise Dedicated Panel is available for highspeed large volume campaign broadcasting.

Feel free to contact us via Email, Phone or Chat. All pricing details would be shared via Email only as per company policy.

All our services are Pre-Paid Plans. We have following payment options available :
  • Direct Net Banking
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer via SWIFT Code
Your account would be live within 30 mins of payment confirmation during Business Hours.

Be Smart go for Combo Plan

We all know running promotional campaigns using only single type of lead generation service is like depending on only single player to win Football Match.

We are not just a solution provider company we offer end-to-end lead generation and management services. And hence we always recommend client to go for multiple services when planning a campaign. This will ensure you would be able to target prospect leads at different time in a day via different platform. This is both cost effective and generate more quality leads in short time duration.

Recommended Service to be run along with WA Marketing Camapaign : Google Top Page Ranking (SEO), Google Adwords, Facebook Marketing, Email Marketing & Missed Call Service.

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We had been looking for long-terms online marketing solution that could help us target prospect leads at affordable cost and built our brand value.

Thank you WebXion for meeting our expection.

We had tried many different digital marketing solutions in past, however results we got from WebXion WA Marketing Solution had been highly satisfactory.

Keep up good work guys - WebXion Team

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